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History of Salt Therapy

  History of Salt Therapy

  About Salt Therapy

  Our Salt Rooms

What is Salt Therapy?

Since the days of Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra salt therapies have been known to have therapeutic benefits. Whether dipping themselves in the Dead Sea or taking treks into Eastern European salt caves, sufferers of many different respiratory and skin ailments have benefitted from anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of salt.

In the 1840’s, a Polish physician documented that workers in salt mines had much lower rates of lung disease and attributed the cause of their good health to the salt cave air that was saturated with saline dust. Soon thereafter Speleotherapy, the therapeutic use of salt caves, became a common drug-free treatment for many chronic lung and skin conditions.

What is a Salt Room?

A salt room, originally known as a Halochamber, is a microclimate designed to replicate the environment of a salt mine. A salt room is a dry, sterile environment that controls air temperature, humidity, air pressure and air content.

Salt rooms are covered ceiling to floor in a salt application and utilize a Halogenerator to pulverize pharmaceutical grade salt into small particles for inhalation, simulating the saline dust, saturated air in salt caves.

“Halos” means “salt” in Greek

Speleotherapy was developed in 1843 by F. Bochkowsky, but it wasn’t until almost 150 years later in 1989 that Halotherapy was founded in Russia. Halotherapy, better known as salt therapy, is the therapeutic use of natural salt in a simulated microclimate, called a Halochamber.

For more than 20 years, specifically-designed Halochambers have used dry sodium chloride aerosol (salt), to treat upper and lower respiratory ailments and skin conditions.

There are over a thousand halochambers throughout Europe, but only a hand full of cities in the United States have access to this beneficial therapy.