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Jared’s Salt Room Testimonial

Jared’s Salt Room Testimonial

My son Jared Cox has been going to the Salt Room for about 3 months now.  He has not had to use his is Spray or “ Puff Puff” as we call it, the whole time.

To appreciate what this means you really have to consider where we were before. Jared has asthma. I can vividly recall sitting up with him many, many nights while he laboured with his breathing. We invested in a Nebuliser machine but found that sometimes his asthma attack would be so bad we would still end up taking him to his pediatrician where Jared would have to be neubilised up to 3 times before he could leave the Doctors office.Cold-web

Once Jared went on the spray his asthma calmed down a lot. We had to give him two puffs in the morning and two puffs at night. Meantime both my husband and I had serious concerns about the effects the steroids was having on our little boy. He would be very hyper, sometimes it seemed he was bouncing of the walls and we would have to be very stern in trying to keep him calm. Gradually Jared worked his way down to a lighter spray with less steroids and down to one puff per day.Jared

One day we got a call from my mother saying that Jared was wheezing and was having difficulty catching his breath. I immediately called his doctor who told me on the phone that we would have to start all over again! This meant that Jared would be back on the stronger spray. We were not looking forward to this at all.

It has been 3 months since Jared has been going to the Salt Room. We still have that spray we bought that day UNUSED.

We no longer have to close the windows when my husband is cutting the grass, in fact now Jared helps him to rake up the grass!

The dust does not affect him the way it used to. When Jared travels by my mother or my sister in Eleuthera we have not sent his spray along with instructions on when to give it to him since he has not had to use it in the last 3 months!!!

Thanks Salt Room we are all breathing a lot easier!

Denise Cox, Jared’s mom

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